How To Transform a Plain Room into a Nursery

22 March 2018
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If your due date is coming up soon, then you have a lot to do before your baby's arrival. You'll likely be attending baby showers and getting a lot of things for your first child. Your child is going to need somewhere to sleep, and you'll need somewhere to store all those belongings you receive. It is time to fix up your spare room. Read on to find out how to transform a plain room into a nursery. Read More 

Preventing Mold Growth In The Kitchen: Helpful Tips You Can Use

11 January 2018
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Mold can grow in many areas of the home, but the kitchen can provide a host of conditions that make mold growth possible. If you are concerned about mold growth in your kitchen, here are some ways you can work to prevent it. Repair Leaky Faucets The cabinet under your sink may be susceptible to mold growth, particularly in the cabinet and on the wall. As water drips and drops from under the sink, moisture can build up over time. Read More 

How To Whitewash Wood Paneling

29 November 2017
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If you think your 1970's wood paneling is dark and dated, but don't want to replace them, consider white washing. White washing lightens the wood surface, decreases yellow tones, and it enhances the wood grain. Old whitewash techniques involved making a lime application, but now the same look can be achieved with paint. Whitewash your dull wood paneling by following these tips. Prepare to Whitewash the Paneling To whitewash the wood, you need: Read More 

Paint These Things Around Your Home Instead Of Replacing Them

12 July 2017
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Whether you've just bought a home or have lived in the same place for years, you may look around and see things that no longer look their best. Your first instinct might be to replace such items, but doing so can be costly and, depending on the nature of the project, a considerable amount of work. What you might not know is that you can paint a wide range of items with specialty paint to give them a facelift — and make replacing them no longer necessary. Read More 

4 Tips for Painting Your Home’s Dark Walls with a Lighter Color

30 May 2017
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If you have grown tired of your home's dark, dingy walls, you may have decided it is time to freshen them up with a lighter color. However, you may wonder how you can fully cover the dark paint with a lighter color without the old color showing through. If so, use the following four tips for painting your home's dark walls with a lighter color. Use a High-Quality Roller Cover with a Short, Tight Nap Read More