How Refinishing Outdoor Wood Furniture Can Protect It From Mold

21 April 2017
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Outdoor wood furniture suffers from a variety of serious problems, chief among them mold growth. Dealing with this problem requires a concentrated approach and a careful understanding of how furniture refinishing can help.

Fungal Growth Is Problematic

Fungus or mold growth on wood is not as problematic with indoor furniture as it is with outdoor furniture. Mold needs favorable conditions to grow properly, such as an appropriate food source, moisture, air to breathe, and the right temperature. All of these conditions are met on wood furniture, as mold will eat the fibers of the wood and any bacteria on it.

Outdoor wood is also more prone to infection, as it will be exposed to higher levels of moisture. As a result, outdoor wood furniture is more likely to be exposed to other forms of nasty weather that can make it difficult to avoid serious problems. That's why it is so important to get these pieces of furniture refinished.

How Refinishing Benefits You

The first step in repairing wooden furniture after mold infestation is to eliminate the mold. This process requires using cleaners to break apart the mold and a HEPA vacuum to eliminate the spores. Thankfully, this is a relatively easy process and shouldn't be too difficult to manage. Most homeowners should be able to do it on their own.

After cleaning the mold off of the wooden furniture, it is time to get it restored or refinished. Refinished furniture offers a variety of benefits, including a decreased carbon impact on the wood and improved longevity. It also makes it less susceptible to infection by mold—a major plus for outdoor wooden furniture.

The Cost Is Reasonable

Just how much will it cost to refinish wooden furniture? That all depends on the size of the furniture and the rates of the refinisher. For example, most will charge about $40-60 per hour or rates between $125-475 for a piece of furniture. Typically, chairs will cost on the lower end while tables will cost about $150-250 per table.

Is this cost worth it? Absolutely. As refinishing furniture restores it to its natural health, it also adds years to its lifespan. This means people who are interested in owning or using older furniture like this for an extended period have access to high-quality furniture without having to buy new pieces.

So for anyone who owns wood furniture and who wants to protect it from serious mold damage, it is essential to get their wood furniture refinished as soon as possible. It can save them a lot of money and help their furniture last a long time. To learn more, check out websites like