How To Clean Your Paint Gun After A Long Day Of Painting

25 April 2017
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Whether you own or rent a professional spray gun to complete your job, it is very important that you properly maintain it throughout a project. A spray gun will definitely speed up your paint job, but you need to make sure the gun is kept clean throughout the entire project. Since most paint jobs will take several days, this article focuses on how to clean your gun at the end each day of painting.

Clear Out You Hose Lines

Most importantly, you want to clear out your hose at the end of each painting day. This is usually very simple, and instructions for each particular system should be included. Usually, you have to spray water through the hose to remove any paint that could eventually dry within it. This is very easy to do as long as you have a bucket of water and a large piece of scrap wood or cardboard that you can spray onto. You basically remove the intake hose from the bucket of paint and then place it in an equally sized bucket of water. Spray onto the wood until only clear water is coming out. This will signal that your hose and all the important junctions in the system are free of paint that could otherwise try up and cause problems with flow. Then, in the morning, before you start to paint again, you reverse this step.

Cleaning the Gun Nozzle

Once your hose is cleared out, you can detach the gun. You will still need to quickly clean out the spray nozzle, or tip, of the gun. The best way to do this is to use a small bucket of water with just a tiny bit of paint thinner. The spray tip is easily removed from gun barrel without any tools. Should have a plastic sitting on the end, but the center should be made out of metal. Within this metal cylinder is the tiny hole that the paint comes out of. By soaking this piece in water for a few minutes, you can break down any pain that has dried up on it. Wipe down the spray tip with hey ragga make sure it is dry. You don't want to leave it wet because there is a risk of rust forming.

Painting with the spray gun is definitely quicker and more effective if the spray tip and hose are kept clean throughout the process. For more information about using and maintaining paint supplies, contact professional painting companies.