Paint These Things Around Your Home Instead Of Replacing Them

12 July 2017
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Whether you've just bought a home or have lived in the same place for years, you may look around and see things that no longer look their best. Your first instinct might be to replace such items, but doing so can be costly and, depending on the nature of the project, a considerable amount of work. What you might not know is that you can paint a wide range of items with specialty paint to give them a facelift — and make replacing them no longer necessary. Here are some things around your home that you can consider painting.

Baseboard Heaters

Over time, baseboard heaters can become an eyesore, even if they still work properly. For example, a heater that was installed several years ago may have a tan appearance that no longer suits your home design. Or, a baseboard heater in the bathroom may have rust spots due to the humidity in the roof. Instead of ripping the heater out and replacing it, you can paint it with paint recommended for metal finishes. By priming the heater's exterior and then painting it, you'll end up with a heat-resistant coating that can quickly give this fixture a new look.

Mirrored Cupboard Doors

If your master bedroom has sliding cupboard doors that are mirrored, you may be eager to give them more of a contemporary look. Removing the doors and replacing them with modern doors can be a time-consuming and costly project, not to mention a challenging one for the average homeowner. An alternative option is to prime the mirrored glass, and then paint it to suit your sense of style. You might wish to simply paint the doors to match the walls of the bedroom, or you may get a little more creative and use blackboard paint, for example. You can then store some chalk nearby and use this large blackboard for writing fun messages to your spouse.

Washing Machine

If your washing machine has become scratched or rusted through use, but otherwise works as it should, you don't need to replace it. Instead of the cost of doing so, as well as the task of removing this heavy appliance from your home and installing a new one, you can paint the washing machine. Painting it white or off-white to match its original look is one option, but you can also get creative and give it a fresh, bold color to really add some personality to your laundry room. Contact a professional for help with your residential painting project.