Two Ways To Paint Asphalt

20 July 2018
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Asphalt parking lots and roads need to be painted for a number of reasons. If you need to mark off parking spaces, paint curbs, or add color to your ass about for any reason, there are a few different products that you can invest in. First of all, there are basic asphalt paints that can be purchased over the counter at many home improvement stores. On the other hand, there are heavy duty colored coatings that can be applied by professional contractors. This article compares the two approaches, and can be helpful if you are trying to figure out what product will be best for your situation.

DIY Asphalt Paint Products

As you have probably guessed, the DIY products are much cheaper, and you can save a lot of money by doing the work yourself. The type of paint that you can buy and apply yourself is comes in a few different forms. Actual liquid, latex-based paint is applied by spreading it on to the surface using traditional paint supplies. You can use rollers, brushes, and sprayers. Applying perfectly straight lines with these products is difficult if you are not a trained painter. But, these can work great if you are going to paint something decorative on your asphalt.

Spray paints are also very convenient, and work best when trying to apply straight lines. Asphalt spray paint is perfect for painting stripes in a parking lot. When it comes to spray paints, there are even temporary products. These products will wear off over time, so they are great if you need to apply temporary stripes for events. In fact, any over the counter paint is going to be relatively temporary compared to a professional coating. When you apply the paint, it is an much thinner layer that will wear off after some time.

Professional Coating

Colored asphalt coatings are much thicker and harder than normal paint. The coating will dry and actually alter the texture of the asphalt, instead of just adding a thin layer of paint. These coatings are actually applied when it is hot. The heated substance hardens and congeals as it dries. Since this is a specialized process that requires unique tools, it will be expensive, but you will definitely have much longer lasting lines.

Obviously, professional coatings for your commercial painting jobs are better for long term needs. But, if you are trying to save money, or just need temporary paint, DIY paints can work well.