2 Striking Paint Effects Which Will Create A Dazzling Feature Wall In Your Home

4 December 2018
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Home remodeling is a popular pastime in America, with people all over the country starting home improvement projects in increasing numbers. Remodeling an existing home is a great way to increase the value of the property, update the style, and make it more of a representation of your tastes and personality.

Few home improvement projects provide such a rapid and dramatic transformation to the interior of your home as repainting. It's an appealing project because it's relatively inexpensive, doesn't take a great deal of time, and makes a massive difference to the entire look and feel of a home.

In recent years, minimalist style has dominated the interior design world. However, color, texture, and flair are making their way back into fashion, particularly when used as a feature wall in an otherwise neutral room. If you'd like to add some panache and visual interest to your home, here are two striking and glamorous paint effects you can use to create a beautiful feature wall.

1. Metallic paint

Metallics have been a big trend in all areas of interior design in recent years. Most commonly, they're featured on tapware, door hardware, and on fabrics, but you can introduce them into your home on a larger scale by creating a painted metallic feature wall.

There's a fantastic range of metallic paints available on the market that faithfully reproduces the dazzling, light-reflecting properties of real metals. Looks to consider include aged copper, brushed bronze, and rose gold.

2. Pearlescent paint

If you like a little sparkle and shine but prefer a more subtle and calming look, pearlescent paints make a wonderful choice for your feature wall. These paints are generally made using a soft, pastel base color to which tiny, luminous particles are added. The finished product creates a soft, glowing sheen that's similar to silk or mother-of-pearl.

Pearlescent paints can be used anywhere in the home, but they're particularly effective in rooms such as the bedroom or bathroom. The gentle sparkle helps to create a calm and relaxing environment, and the finish works beautifully in low light during the evening as well as in sunlight through the daylight hours.

These beautiful paint finishes can really take your home to the next level and add a touch of elegance and drama to a room. Unlike regular paints, they can be a little tricky to apply, so it's advisable to use an experienced painting contractor to ensure a professional and flawless end result.

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