4 Exterior Features Worth Painting To Make Your Property Look Unique

23 August 2019
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Making your property look attractive is not a hard thing to do when you are willing to give most exterior features a fresh paint job as well as maintain a clean and healthy landscape. But you may be more interested in making your property look unique compared to other properties.

This will require you to go through a different process to achieve these results. Fortunately, you can invest in several exterior painting projects and get the uniqueness that you are looking for.

Lamp Posts

If you have several lamp posts throughout your landscape, you should not hesitate to paint them. While the posts may already stand out on the property, you can make them even more noticeable with a fresh paint job and a priority on bold and noticeable colors, such as red or yellow. These two colors are worth considering because they will stand out even in the middle of the night.

Patio Cover

When you want to change your backyard, you should not hesitate to paint the patio cover because this often-large feature will make a noticeable impact right away. Even if you decide to only paint the structural legs for the cover, you should be able to tell from anywhere in the yard.

This is another situation in which you should consider avoiding neutral colors or ones that blend in with your backyard, such as brown or green, if you are determined to create a unique look.

Garage Door

A garage door is one of the largest individual features that you may find on your property's exterior when you do not include the house itself. This means that you will get to enjoy a great opportunity to change your property's appearance in a drastic manner by painting this feature.

To make sure the garage door stands out compared to nearby features, you should look at all the nearby colors and prioritize ones that are the exact opposite. For instance, if your house and garage are full of light colors, you may even want to paint the garage door black or gray.


Whether you have fencing in the front yard or backyard, you will find that painting this feature is worthwhile because it is often along the property lines. This means that your fence will be the first thing that people see when looking towards your property. So,it makes sense to use this to your advantage by picking a paint color or color combination that stands out in the neighborhood.

Investing in these paint projects will help you make a unique-looking property.