Simple Dos And Don'ts For Choosing An Exterior Paint Color

7 October 2020
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Whether you are selling your home, want to make your home stand out in the neighborhood, or are simply ready for a change, there are several reasons why many homeowners decide to update their home's exterior with a fresh coat of paint. With all the paint choices available, it can seem impossible to choose the right color to match your home's style and your own personal preference.

When it comes time to pick out a new color for your home's exterior, here are a few dos and don'ts to keep in mind.

Do Look to Your Roof and Other Exterior Colors for Inspiration

Use the other colors found in your yard and home's exterior to choose an exterior paint color. For example, if your asphalt roof has specks of green, consider using this green as an inspiration for your exterior paint color. The foliage around your home can also be a source of inspiration and can help you lead to the right paint color.

For instance, if you have a lot of bold foliage in front of your home, a more neutral tone will allow the bright colors to shine through. However, if your foliage and trees are sparse, a brighter, bold color can draw more attention to your yard. Whatever you choose, make sure the color coordinates with the color of your roof and other exterior features.

Don't Be Afraid to Try a Bold Color

Your first instinct might be to choose a neutral color or a more classic tone of white or yellow. However, if you want to draw positive attention to your home while expressing your individual style, consider trying a more unique or bold color. For instance, if you have a more modern home, a beautiful deep shade of blue might work well to highlight the darker architectural highlights.

However, be aware that there are dangers to choosing bright colors. Be wary about choosing a color that is too bold because you might accidentally make your home stand out in a negative way.

Do Consider Using Multiple Colors to Create a Unique Look

Finally, the exterior of most single-family homes has three portions: the main body, the trim, and a secondary body, such as the area around your second-floor windows. Talk to a professional exterior painter about how to incorporate two to three different colors into each portion to create a unique, custom look.

From looking to your home's existing exterior colors for inspiration to not being afraid of using a bold color, there are several dos and don'ts to keep in mind when repainting your home's exterior.

For more information, contact an exterior painting service in your area.