Commercial Painters: 4 Tips to Help You Conduct a Smooth Commercial Painting Project

16 July 2021
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Owning or managing commercial property comes with a set of challenges. First, you will deal with a lot of tenants and their unique needs. Harmonizing their needs and demands is a bit difficult, especially when you have some renovation projects, such as repainting the property. It is advisable to plan well ahead of massive projects like repainting a building as it helps the project run smoothly. Here are the four main guidelines that will lead to a successful commercial painting project.

Inform Everyone Beforehand

There is nothing as appalling to a tenant as waking up to find the building cordoned off for repainting and renovation. It can lead to canceled client appointments and financial losses, which might become the building management's liability. As the manager or owner, you should inform all occupants that you plan to repaint the property in good time. Let them know whether there will be changes to the parking area, the entrance, and the shared amenities during the painting project. By informing them so, you will give them time to postpone the appointments and reschedule them to avoid inconveniencing their clients. 

Paint When Only a Few People Are Around

Painting can get messy. You might put up notices warning people from touching the walls, but some will forget and damage the flawless finish given by the painting professionals. At the same time, shutting down the entire building to handle the painting process will lead to excessive financial losses. You can choose to work around people's schedules and only paint when they are away. For example, you can talk with the contractor to paint in the evenings and on the weekends when most tenants or occupants are away. By the time they come back, the paint will have mostly dried up, which minimizes the damage. 

Use Safe Paint Products

The construction industry has countless paint products. Some are great when you want to decorate your space on a budget. However, avoid the use of paints with volatile compounds and lead because they may harm the health of your customers or occupants in a big way. It is best to consult with reputable commercial painters before buying any paint brand. They will connect you with the right suppliers that supply paint that does not create health risks for the tenants or customers. 

Consider Functionality

People repaint their commercial property to give it a fresh look and enhance its curb appeal. However, painting also helps protect the inner layers of the building from water damage. So when planning the painting project, you can alternate spaces like bathrooms and paint them on different days. 

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