Comparing DIY And Professional Painting Jobs

28 November 2022
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Many homeowners think hiring a professional to repaint their walls is unnecessary. However, professional paint jobs, most often, turn out better than DIY paint projects. Here are some reasons you should avoid DIY for critical painting jobs.

Choosing the Right Paint

When people paint their homes without professional help, they will most likely not put much thought into the type of paint. There are many different types of paint and paint finishes. You shouldn't be limited to exterior versus interior paint or matte versus gloss finish. Professionals also consider the ingredients of different types of paint. The ingredients affect the depth of color, how paint resists weather conditions, and a paint's susceptibility to cracking or peeling.

A professional will know the appropriate paint for the interior and exterior of your home based on quality and ingredients. You only have to provide information on your expectations, which will be enough for the professional to choose the right paint.

Quality of Workmanship

For a DIY painter, any method of applying paint will suffice. However, there is a skill involved in painting interior walls versus exterior walls. There is also a different approach to painting kitchen cabinets. Additionally, when painting a wall up to the point where it meets the ceiling, you need to be careful not to get paint on the ceiling. The same applies when painting the ceiling.

DIYers tend to get overwhelmed by the details of protecting parts that shouldn't be painted. A DIYer will also overlook details like prepping, sanding, touching up, and caulking. As a result, they will end up hiring a professional anyway to correct their mistakes. Professional painters have the skills and workforce to provide quality jobs the first time. Therefore, you should hire a professional painter for workmanship that stands out.

Time and Cost

Another distinguishing factor between DIY and professional jobs is the time and cost. First, professionals have the experience of performing painting projects repeatedly. Therefore, they will complete a project faster than a DIYer. If you don't want to disrupt your daily activities for long because of a painting project, it is better to enlist a professional than to work on the job alone.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that DIY painting projects are cheap. The costs involved in painting your house on your own include buying paints, brushes, ladders, rollers, and other equipment. 

Also, consider the cost of making mistakes. It means you will have to repeat the job. Professional painters have all the quality equipment and know how to choose quality paints. Furthermore, a professional job has a minimum to zero margin of error.

For more information, reach out to a painting company near you.