Residential Roof Sealer Coating Is A Good Option For Rejuvenating Your Old Metal Roof

18 January 2023
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If your home has a metal roof that's been having problems with rust and leaking, you may want to apply a coating so you can put off replacing the roof for a few years. Metal roofs are expensive, and coatings are just a fraction of the cost. A coating could help you squeeze more life from your metal roof before it has to be replaced. Here's what you should know about residential roof sealer coatings.

A Contractor Can Apply The Coating For You

A coating is like paint, except it has more solids in it, so the coating is thicker. However, it's rolled on your roof just like paint. If you are used to being on your roof and think you can handle it, you can apply a coating yourself and save money.

However, if your roof is steep, it may not be safe for you to coat your roof yourself. In that case, call a contractor. They'll do the work for you, and they'll also choose the best coating for your roof. Metal roof coatings are often acrylic or silicone. A contractor can help you choose the right one based on the condition of your roof.

The Coating Seals The Roof From Leaks

Besides rejuvenating the appearance of your roof, a coating makes your roof more watertight. Damage to your roof should be repaired first when possible, and the contractor may also start by applying primer that prevents rust. When the coating is applied, it forms a thick waterproof barrier on your old roofing so leaks are no longer a problem. As long as the coating stays intact, you could go for a few more years without having to worry about roof leaks and repairs.

Coatings Come In Different Colors

Some coatings are white. These reflect UV rays so it's easier to keep your home cool in the summer. If you have a white metal roof now, you may want a white coating. However, coatings come in different colors, so if you want a different look for your home, you might want a colored coating.

Your Old Roof Needs To Be Cleaned First

For the coating to adhere well, the old metal roof needs to be cleaned as well as possible. This might involve blowing debris off of the roof or washing the metal with a pressure washer. Once the metal is clean and dry, the contractor can start applying the coating a small section at a time until your roof is covered. Applying a residential roof sealer coating doesn't take too long. When the contractor is done, your roof will be ready to take on storms and rains without leaking. 

For more info about residential roof coating paint, contact a local company.