Learn More About Your Commercial Exterior's Paint Job

20 March 2023
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You want to take a look around the exterior of your commercial business regularly. Pay attention to everything from the roof down to the foundation. Make note of anything that seems as if it may need to be repaired and call the appropriate contractor to come out and look at things. Just one area of concern you should have when it comes to your commercial space is the exterior painting. It serves as the building's first line of defense, but also plays many other roles as well. The information here will help you see why the paint is so important and provide you with information on signs you should be having the exterior repainted. 

How commercial exteriors are protected by their paint jobs

The paint on a business's exterior provides the structure with protection from moisture. Since the building will get wet every time it rains, snows, and even when the sprinkler is off by a small amount, this protection is very important. Also, the paint helps to protect the structure from pests, like termites, which could really damage it. Another thing that the paint helps to do is to prevent chemicals from getting past the paint where they can cause corrosion and other issues. One more way the paint helps to protect the building is by acting as the first line of defense against the sun's harsh rays. The paint even adds some extra insulation to help the building be that much more energy efficient. 

How to spot problems in the commercial exterior paint

There can be so many problems with the paint on your commercial building. Some of these problems can be very obvious and others can be much more difficult for you to spot. One of the things to watch for is a change in the shade of the paint in certain areas. If you have some parts where the sun shines on the paint much more during the daytime, then that paint can get faded. Not only will this fading ruin the look of your business's pint job, but it also indicates that the paint is aged and not in as good of shape as the rest of the paint. 

Another thing you want to watch out for when it comes to the condition of your paint is that there aren't any areas where the paint is bubbling, peeling, or chipping. If you see any damage like this, then it means that the situation will only continue to get worse. Not only will the paint get more damaged as time goes on, but the wood underneath will also be more prone to water damage. 


Now that you know more about spotting problems with your commercial business's paint, you'll be in a better position of knowing when to schedule the painting contractor to come out to repaint the exterior. For more information, contact a company like Quality Designs Painting LLC.